What To Do If Facebook Tells You Your Data Was Used By Cambridge Analytica

Not coincidentally, Facebook revealed its notification proposal as CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg prepared to testifybefore Congress about how user data came to… 0

MTV Road Rules Star Brian Lancaster Dead At 43

Brian Lancaster has died at persons under the age of 43. As you may know, he was a contestant on season seven of… 0

Tech Q&A: Getting to the top of search results

The million-dollar blogger and his life of total travel

( CNN) There can’t be many full-time bloggers in the world who utilize fortune managers. Johnny Ward, a 32 -year-old Irishman intent on… 0

Upstream podcast: The SEO violence of the Drake-Pusha T diss battle

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7 Crucial Skills That Will Help You Land That Corner Office

This part was written by the people who range the Cracked Dispensary !) Indiana Jones’ mugshot is unadulterated style. Start your era by… 0

Spammy social network Tsu shuts down

No big-hearted astonish now: Tsu, a social network that worked aroundthe App Accumulation rules on pay-per-installs, incentivized its customers to originate material, reinforced… 0

Master A Skill For The New Year With These 10 Courses

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I Was A Human Search Engine In The Days Before Google

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4 Shocking Reasons Veterinarians Have A Huge Risk Of Suicide

Read Next four times the rate of the general population — that’s twice as likely to commit suicide as dentists and other medical… 0

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