The Lock Screen For Gigi Hadid’s Phone Is A Picture Of Zayn Malik And No, It’s Not Photoshopped!


And for those of you who are convinced that the pic is fake or Photoshopped , rest assured that this film came from a photo authority, meaning it’s entirely legit!

Still don’t guess us? Well one Twitter consumer shared a video of the singer’s damsel compassion strutting her stuff through the airport, and you can TOTALLY interpret her phone screen light up! Ch-ch-check it out( below )!


We have to admit, this doesn’t precisely seem like an incidental discover of that black-and-white hit. First of all, the nice female was impounding her phone with the screen facing out, towards the paps as they snarled their shutters.

Second, isn’t it odd that her screen was lit up, but not open on an app or displaying a banner notification? Perhaps her finger stole, or MAYBE she pulped a button on purpose so the cameramen would capture it!

Because OBVIOUSLY the internet is losing its ever-loving sh* t right now!

What do U visualize Perezcious books? Was this all a advertisement stunt? Or only a harmless collision? Poll in our tally( below )!

[< em> Image via Splash News .]

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