The Chambong Is A Bong For Drinking Champagne

For centuries, the frat bro has had his funnel. Other than his Vineyard Vines quarter zip and frat decal snap-back, the pour is his most precious owned. It is a sacred crest of being drunkard and extremely aggressive for no reason.

The betch equivalent was slapping the baggage, which just doesn’t using the same je ne sais quoi as the beer move. It’s like women’s softball to men’s baseball. Ew. Up to now. A firm has crafted the “Chambong” aka the Champagne Bong aka your new best friend. It’s mostly a champagne stroke attached to a tube, so you can chug champagne.

The whole idea was to create a snappy way to get fucked up on champagne. Like the original grocery was for weds and outdoor defendants. But tbh, we can take this one gradation significantly with wine and forest juice. Anything that impels comes us booze quick is a gift from deity, and with the Chambong, even the hangover is wholly worth noting.

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