Simon Helberg Arrives At SAG Awards With ‘Refugees Welcome’ Sign

The red carpet at Sundays SAG Awardswas surprisingly tame having regard to the weekends government disturbance. Janelle Mone voiced eloquently of the all-inclusive narrations told in Moonlight and Hidden Illustrations, Natalie Portman memo her intimacy with “the member states national” unrest is presented in Jackie, and Taraji P. Henson mentioned the need for peace. But Simon Helberg and his wife, actress Jocelyn Towne, made on President Donald Trumps immigration barricade head-on.

Helberg, a campaigner for The Big Bang Theory, carried a signed that read REFUGEES WELCOME, while Towne had the words LET THEM IN scrawled across her chest. Both are citations to Trumps director seek obstruction refugees fleeing the Syrian Civil War.

Helberg and Towne join a chorus of personalities who have spoken out against Trumps anti-immigration actions over the past 48 hours.

Alberto E. Rodriguez via Getty Images

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