Making A Murderer Is The New Serial

If you’re stuck with a assortment of free time this awkward, in between Christmas and New Years week, you should probably check out Seeing a Murderer on Netflix.

Emmy Rossum, Colton Haynes, Shaun T and Mindy Kaling have always been tweeting about it. And if a group of celebrities as random as that have made a esteem to it, you probably will too.

Making a Murderer falls into that super swank true-blue offense/ fucking crazy judicial systems drama a la the story of Adnan Syed in Serial.

Without uttering too much apart, the Netflix original docu-series tells the super upsetting storey of Steven Avery, a Wisconsin man wrongfully imprisoned at least once…for 18 years. It gets worse and more depressing from there on out.

The story isn’t sexy, it isn’t fast paced, but it is fascinating and frustrating and captivating.

If you have, like, a lot of sect in the United States’ justice system after watching this and listening to season 1 of Serial, you’ve missed the degree and likely can’t be staying with us.

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