Greg Gutfeld asks what part of ‘never forget’ we all forgot

Fox News host and generator Greg Gutfeld was busy on Twitter last nighttime as word developed about the dimensions of the the terrorist acts that killed and injured hundreds in Paris, pleading celebrities to” stop tweeting cartoons of the Eiffel Tower as part of a peacefulnes signal. You’re idiots .”

Gutfeld haspicked up on his rant this afternoon. We’ve seen plenty of #PrayForParis tweets acquiring the rounds, but we fear what official hashtag the State Department will deploy in response to the latest atrocity perpetrated by the Islamic State. Will a frowningfirst lady stand up a #JeSuisParis sign on Instagram? Both #BringBackOurGirls and #UnitedForUkraine testified so powerful.

Are we talking about the same Hollywood that made a movie about Dan Rather announced ” Truth “?

Advancement in fright? But the president just assured us the threat from the JV team was contained.

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