GoDaddy is buying rival Host Europe Group for $1.8B to accelerate its international expansion

GoDaddy is on a browse spree. Yesterday we reported that the domain and hosting busines had bought WP Curve, a WordPress servicesstartup to expand its WordPress support team.

And today the company has just announced a very big bargain. GoDaddy has acquired European adversary Host Europe Group( HEG) for $1.8 billion including6 05 million paid to existing Host Europe shareholders, and1. 08 billion in assumed debt.

HEG has 1.7 million customers throughout Europe, with more than 7 million realms under management. For likenes, GoDaddys most recently reported fourth ended with about 14.5 million customers and finagles more than 63 million domains.

While this acquisition will obviously hastened GoDaddys expansionthroughoutEurope, its already been in the process of expanding internationally. Prior to the acquisition, the company recently registered its one millionth. UK domain in the UK, and says that 25 percent of Britains domains are now cross-file through GoDaddy.

As a totality, last partGoDaddy reported $129.2 million in international revenue, which was up 21 percent year-over-year.

GoDaddy respects itself on making income outside of traditional revenue streams like subject enrollment and hosting. This additional income principally comes from spirit and business works, which are additional works they offer to small businesses conceive SEO optimization, online sell andeven online bookkeeping.

If GoDaddy starts to offer these added services toHEGs client basi, they may have a shot at expanding both their revenue and vicinity in Europe much faster than originally planned.

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