Giving Back: Eddie Murphy Is Donating His Nutty Professor Fat Suits To Burn Victims To Give Them A Second Chance At Life

Eddie Murphys made a career of introducing smiles to folks faces, and now hes is fully prepared to brighten your date for an uplifting brand-new reason: The big-hearted SNL alum decided to donate all the overweight suits from The Nutty Professor movies to burn scapegoats to give them two seconds risk at life.

Incredible! Contributing back to the community is one thing, but this here is some next-level celebrity altruism.

Murphy recently announced that hed be gifting all of the fat clothings from his multi-character execution as the Klump family to the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors, a group foundation regional centres for beings retrieving from shell traumata. In doing so, he hopes his foam-padded spandex outfits give these gallant men a restored self-confidence to get back out in the world and make a fresh start.

Wow. Its so stroking to be said that Eddie Murphy doesnt really speculate smolder victims deserve a shot at heading fortunate and normal lives; hes taking action to make it a reality.

When I realise these flesh prosthetics were simply mustering dirt, I accompanied an opportunity to do something special, said Murphy. I have a lot of good reminiscences wearing these solid suits and its hard to give them up, but to know that a courageous flame survivor to be allowed to put one over the Papa Klump overweight suit and get a new rental on life? Thats what its all about.

Just yes. What a beautiful gesture, and one thats bound to make a life-changing impact on its recipients. Youre a class act, Eddie!

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