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Spammy social network Tsu shuts down

No big-hearted bombshell here: Tsu, a social network that worked aroundthe App Accumulation rules on pay-per-installs, incentivized its customers to create content, honored… 0

RankScience wants to replace your SEO staff

The darkart of search engine optimization “couldve been” next in line for software-powered automation potentially putting hundreds of SEO consultants out of a… 0

This Sexist Job Listing Actually Appeared On LinkedIn

For some silly reason we assumed sciences “havent had” gender, and that in 2015 firms would realize that! Guess it was just wishful… 0

South Korea proposes military talks with North Korea

Seoul( CNN) South Korea’s brand-new government is form overtures to the North, proposing armed talks at the Demilitarized zone( DMZ) that separates the… 0

Japans Priests Turn to Property Development

Shinto elders at the centuries-old Unesco World Heritage Site of Shimogamo Shrine upset some neighbors when they bulldozed a swath of old Kyoto… 0

Huffington Post writer’s Garmin outs her cheating at half marathon

A Huffington Post lifestyle novelist and food blogger recognized her blazing-fast marathon time go up in smoke after an investigation exposed she cut… 0

4 Shocking Reasons Veterinarians Have A Huge Risk Of Suicide

Read Next four times the rate of its population — that’s twice as likely to commit suicide as dentists and other medical practitioner…. 0

Buzzvil acquires Slidejoy for a lockscreen ad consolidation

New York City startup Slidejoy has been acquired by South Korean competitor Buzzvil. Both companionships volunteer a room for Android users to earn… 0

My Job Churning Out The Garbage Behind Clickbait Titles

Thanks to the internet, there are more behaviors than ever to find success with your artistry — choose My Little Pony porn, sculpting… 0

Master A Skill For The New Year With These 10 Courses

This section was written by the people who range the Cracked Store to tell you about commodities that are being sold there …. 0

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