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Actor Alan Rickman Dies at 69 After Battle With Cancer

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Peach And Ginger Margaritas, For When You Wanna Be Healthy And Fucked Up

HOORAY FOR FRIDAY. In festivity of this special day which merely comes once per week, we figured potions were in order( lol fucking… 0

Patricia Heaton blasts CBS over report about Iceland’s Down syndrome abortion rates

Patricia Heaton is scandalized by a recent CBS report about Iceland. CBS reported Sunday that the majority of expecting mothers in the country… 0

She will outlive them all!

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Will & Grace Is Officially Coming Back To TV To Save Us From Donald Trump!

If we are to be able turn back ti-ooooome ! While Hollywood may be incapable of coming up with new ideas nowadays, every… 0

We’re moving to Canada! (Late but I just thought of it lol)

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American Family Adopt Girl From Uganda, But After Learning Her Story, They Sent Her Back

In the past decade, accepting small children from a third world country has become incredibly popular with rich families in the West. The… 0

Why do they keep asking these stupid celebrities’ opinions as if sane people care?!?

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Visionary physicist Stephen Hawking dies

Media playback is unsupported on your machine Media captionLooking back the living standards of Stephen Hawking World renowned physicist Stephen Hawking has died… 0

Zoos and aquariums hold a wonderful #CuteAnimalTweetOff and everyone wins

We interrupt your regularly scheduled selection of depressing bulletin storeys and chagrining tweets to bring you the most amazing thing what happens on… 0

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