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6 People Who Came To My Garage Sale Who Seem To Be Sticking Around For Dinner

I had a yard sale today, and a number of beings came and bought trash. Most of them left. Here are the ones… 0

The Lock Screen For Gigi Hadid’s Phone Is A Picture Of Zayn Malik And No, It’s Not Photoshopped!

Did And for those of you who are convinced that the pic is fake or Photoshopped , rest assured that this film came… 0

Man People Watches for 2 Hours When 1 Waitress Sees the Look in His Eye, She Breaks Down in Tears

He came into Denny’s with an “odd” request and then sat there for hours, watching families go in and out … A Facebook… 0

Find Out What Tom Cruise, Vincent Kartheiser, And J. Cole Have To Say

Ever wonder what’s on the brains of today’s most remarkable parties? Well, don’t miss our marvelous roundup of the best and most “was… 0

40% of Muslims in Denmark ‘want Quran-based laws’

Bernie Sanders, call your office. Not all is right in socialist Denmark 😛 TAGEND An earlier referendum found that Denmark’s Muslims are more… 0

20 thingsMike Pence did while you weren’t looking and why it matters.

Photo by Alex Wong/ Getty Images. With the exception of an infamous trip to discover Hamilton last November and a controversy about whether… 0

What if all movie toys made the same mistakes with female characters that Hasbro did?

It started with the hashtag # wheresrey and became a phenomenon. ( TINY SPOILERS FOR “STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS” BELOW .) On… 0

British Teen Makes Small Fortune Helping Chinese Parents Name Their Babies!

This is one mother of new ideas! A British teen by the honour of Beau Jessup is a strong likelihood the malouse of… 0

Alicia Vikander Forgot To Thank BF Michael Fassbender During Her Oscars Acceptance Speech WHOOPS!

The Danish Girl is about to become the single girl… Alicia Vikander was one of 2015’s two breakout adepts — what’s good, Brie… 0

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