British Teen Makes Small Fortune Helping Chinese Parents Name Their Babies!

This is one mother of new ideas!

A British teen by the honour of Beau Jessup is a strong likelihood the malouse of all her friends right now.

No, she isn’t gaining international courtesy for her

It definitely sounds a little bit odd, but Jessup caused the very successful website as a method to

As for HOW successful the website is … SpecialName has racked up 221,000 tourists because it launch eight few months ago. So, at a cost of$ 1 to use the service, that makes Beau has already made over $60 k up to now!

As for what Jessup might spend the money on, she explained 😛 TAGEND

“I have a target to reach which will allow me to pay for my University costs and writing the textbook for the locate was really good rehearse for my Mandarin GCSE.”

What an revelation!

No one truly knows what the future deems, but it sure sounds like this entrepreneur has a light tomorrow ahead of her!

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