About.com launches The Balance, a personal finance website for everyone

In a seeking to destroy itself and become more relevant in the 21 st Century, IAC-owned About.com is propelling another standalone vertical in the form of The Balance, a personal investment website accommodated to todays millennial.

The Balance is focused on forming personal finance easily understood , no matter where you are in life. The area will propel with more than 34,000 articles of the information contained written by 70 columnists, all organized under the topics of personal investment, vesting, money spoofs, job suggestion, and small and medium-sized companies tips.

There are plenty of personal busines websites out there that window-dressing various parts of world markets, but we dont conceive anyone caters to the same busines as we do, answered About.com CEO Neil Vogel. Most of our contestants gratify exclusively at the very highest net worth people, but we want to help everyone was better at earning, saving and investing their money.

About.com hopes the website will help users approach the big-hearted decisions in life, like buying an Engagement Ring or a first room, without all the formality and fiscal gibberish of other sites.

The Balance isnt About.coms firstly standalone brand. In late April, About launched Verywell, a health and wellness website meant to combat WebMD with practical health and nutrition advice.

But Verywell and The Balance are just the beginning, according to the company.

About.com launched all the direction back in 1997, and even though it has great SEO and troves of advice-based content, it doesnt have a label that relates to todays internet user.

These dates, the internet is fragmented into highly targeted websites, focused on a specific topic with a unique singer. Despite the opennes and excellence of About.coms content, its long necessary a prettier outfit.

With the launch of standalone firebrands, that same material is more organized, easier to witnes, and placed in a better environment where it belongs as part of a larger narrative.

Nobody wants to get personal investment advice from the same place where they learned to cook a tart, read Vogel.

Vogel went on to explain that there was a slight dip in traffic during the transition from About.com to Verywell, as Google was figuring out the SEO switch to a new province. Nonetheless, Verywells traffic is now up 25 percent from what it should be on About.com Health.

If The Balance can play-act as well, About.com could be in a strong position heading into the new year with plans to launch new standalone sites.

But these launchings arent without their defies. Vogel explained that companionship culture is the biggest casualty of these changes, with hires operating extra difficult to launching a new website merely to pick up and start work on the next one.

That responded, the companys publicizing pipeline is 2x what it was last year, which is a good motivator to keep up work on the new sites.

You can check out The Balance right here.

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